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About association

The combined entity «UKRMETALLURGPROM»

Business Combinations «UKRMETALLURGPROM» formed by 24 March 2016 through the merger of Business Combinations «Metallurgprom» (organized in 1995 in accordance with the Decree of the President of Ukraine) and Ukrainian Association of ferrous metallurgy enterprises «UkrMet» (established in 1998 by decision of 28 businesses and organizations MMC Ukraine), and is the successor of both structures.

Among the participants of the Association — the 15 leading Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises with a total population of about 100 tys.rabotayuschih and the total annual output of the production of liquid steel of the order of 24.5 million tonnes, 3 Mining and Processing Plant, 8 research, design and educational institutes and 4 commercial organization.

The steel industry is considered to be the backbone of the Ukrainian economy, and its main goal Association sees to provide the most favorable conditions for effective and sustainable development of mining and metallurgical complex of the country.

The main objectives of the Association are:

— Representation and protection of interests of members of the Association on the domestic and foreign markets;

— Representation and protection of interests of members of Association in the legislative, executive and judicial organs of the Ukrainian authorities at all levels;

— Participate in the formation and implementation of the long-term, medium-term and the current program of GMK of Ukraine taking into account the situation on the world steel market and the priorities of the Ukrainian industrial complex;

— Participation in the development and implementation of marketing programs, contributing to the stabilization of the existing market niches and the process of diversification of the Ukrainian metal products markets;

— Organization of technical regulations, metrological provision and harmonization of national standards with international, primarily European standards;

— The organization of work on the implementation of international norms and rules of environmental safety and environmental protection measures in the workplace;

— Participation in the development and implementation of national and international investment projects of modernization of enterprises — members of the Association;

— Participation in the development of research and design programs aimed at the modernization and optimization of the Ukrainian MMC, and support the implementation of their results;

— Participation in providing members of the Association of qualified personnel, engineering and technical and administrative staff

— Coordination of activities of enterprises and organizations on the formation of the monthly, quarterly and annual production balance sheets;

— Participation in the organization and conduct of national and international exhibitions, conferences and forums on the subject of activity;

— Mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign associations and associations of the mining and metallurgical.

The head of the Association office is located in Kiev at ul.Vladimirskaya 4, office 9.


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